Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Kotaku is a news blog about videogames and Otaku culture. It is built to be as light as possible, while still looking good. The colour scheme is unlikely, but works nicely, and only the header and side bar are coloured, the main page just being headlines, abstracts and accompanying pictures. Clicking on the stories gives you the full account of the news, and then the comments section follows that. The site is so pared down, and yet you don't miss anything, you have everything you need. Regular commenters have their own pages where they can organise and keep track of all their comments and replies across all the stories. The site is functional, and never confusing. The only problem is that searching up old stories isn't comprehensive, but as it is a site specialising in the very latest news, most people only find the last two pages relevant anyway, and the site is designed to be checked up on over and over for the very latest news.
I like Kotaku for it's stripped down design and emphasis on practicality.

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