Wednesday, 7 October 2009

broadcasting tower

Broadcasting tower is new to Leeds, and has caused quite a stir- it is entirely covered in Corten Steel, and therefore is rusty. This isn't an entirely new idea, and one of the world's most famous structures, the statue of liberty, suffers from a similar chemical problem, albeit unintentional in that case, but still, Leeds residents are shocked by the new building.
The architecturally literate are mostly of the opinion that these nay-sayers just aren't open to any even slightly eccentric concepts, but the view could also be held that it doesn't fit in. Personally, I have never felt Leeds to have anything even remotely like a consistent aesthetic, and it looks good to me. People have a ground in attitude that rust = bad, but as long as it is beautiful and doesn't cause any problems structurally or safetywise, I have no problem with unorthodox materials. The current slew of shiny glass buildings is pretty enough, but those that really stand out to me are those of intriguing colours and textures.
I wouldn't go so far as to say that anything that gets people talking about architecture is good- there have been a fair few abominations built in my time- but I see nothing wrong with Broadcasting tower. If every building in Leeds was something this unique and beautiful, this city would be much more pleasant to live in.

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