Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Heart shaped skull is the website that hosts the comic 'Serenity Rose', among other things.
It could be more user-friendly by having the comments under each comic automatically, and the blog on a front page instead, but other than that the site is fairly clear and easy to use.
What makes the site worth writing about is the sublime presentation. The feel of the site really gives you an idea of the mood of the comic, and the polished look makes it very unique, and it is still very functional, with no rough edges.
The flash animation of the main character is seamlessly incorporated at the top of the page, and looks none the worse for having been processed through flash, as many such things do.
The way it is integrated through the navigation bar is inspired and ties the page together very well.
I think it is a very impressive website, and an even more impressive comic, rendered beautifully in pencil and coloured cleverly and stylishly in photoshop. Definitely worth a look.

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