Wednesday, 7 October 2009

City of Manchester Stadium

The Eastlands stadium is a recent design, and a beautiful example of that kind of building. Originally intended for an Olympic bid, it was built to be grand and elegant, and so it is. It is distinctive on the Manchester horizon for it's low lying curved roof and large radiating spires. The spires are cleverly attached to the ground circling the stadium to counterweight the large roof. It's position next to the 'B of the bang' monument made it especially unique on the skyline.
I also like it's entrances to the upper tiers. The spiralling walkways turn round an round outside the stadium, with entrances to each floor on each turn. Everything about the stadium feels spectacular and remarkable.
The stadium looks best when lit up, it's smooth curved surfaces and millenium dome-esque spikes looking beautiful in the ambient light.

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