Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim is one of the most beloved comic series of all time. With a movie coming out soon, it is not long 'til it becomes almost universally popular.
I want to talk a little about why I love it so much.
Firstly, it's an amalgam of all the influences a great many teenage boys share. Videogames, comics, manga and rock music all form equally important parts of Scott's world. Readers of this nerdy but broad persuasion can't help but wish to live in this world. The titular 'loser/hero hybrid' is an avatar through which nerds like me can experience his world, where despite being a useless bumbling happy go lucky guy (again, much like me and many fellow nerds) he is the 'best fighter' in toronto, is the bass player for a semi-successful band, and gets the girl of his dreams, all while participating in an exciting, action packed world.
Scott constantly makes references to nerd touchstones, telling his girlfriend about pivotal X-men storylines, or choosing drinks in a shop based on their 'stat bonuses'. This makes the reader feel that special 'in-joke' feeling, which nerds treasure above all else.
Secondly, Bryan Lee O'Malley, the artist and writer, is a master of loose yet detailed art, rich with animation and life. The books are in black and white, making use of interesting textures and techniques, but O'Malley also has a fine eye for interesting colour combinations, and below is one of his prints, this one is the one I own.

Scott Pilgrim is the ultimate comic book for young losers who want to live vicariously through another young loser who is extremely awesome. The character interaction and the videogame world really suck me in, and these books are amongst the most precious I own. Also, If anyone has a copy of 'Free Scott Pilgrim' they want to sell me, however remote the chance, I lent mine out and never got it back, so I'm willing to pay a fair amount

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