Thursday, 8 October 2009


Brick is a fantastic film. It is a high school drama where you never see the inside of a classroom, the main character speaks rarely and a murder is solved entirely unsatisfactorily.
This film is so unconventional, but still so good, partially because of it's nothingness, the way that the main character purposefully goes from place to place doing what needs to be done, but his ex girlfriend is dead, he can't bring her back. The film is just the slow unfolding of events culminating in the final epiphany. In the end, nothing is really acheived.
The noirish setting is offset by all the colourful supporting characters, but the main character is stoic, speaking only to say something scathing and clever. Humour also plays apart, sometimes physical, often through some masterful editing. Timing is everything in this film.
It is stylishly shot also, with some beautifully framed scenes and cleverly placed cameras, making shots most people wouldn't have really thought of.

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