Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Mike Krahulik (a.k.a Gabe) is famously the artist of Penny Arcade, and renowned for his prodigious improvement over the ten years he has drawn it, drawing from sources far and wide, most notably Stephen Silver and early cartoons.
His artwork in Penny Arcade is incredibly expressive and imaginative, the character's faces often exaggerated eccentrically, with Gabe inventing unique solutions to character's visual language. I really admire his work here for the looseness and personality his drawings convey, and the way his art is so lovingly rendered.
He and his partner in PA, Jerry Holkins, often embark on side projects, or small series of comics commissioned by major games publishers. These pages are often an opportunity for Gabe to experiment with different art styles, rarely completely adopting someone else's technique but forging new ways of his own.
Mike Krahulik is one of the artists I most admire, and I've give anything to improve as much in the next decade as he has done in the last one.

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