Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Blik stickers are reuseable stickers designed for walls. They are mostly designed by hired artists, but are also often of licensed products, like Super Mario or Space Invaders.
I have the Space Invaders behind the TV in my house (in red, blue and green, unlike the classy B&W ones in the picture above), and they really brighten up the room and make it much more homey. There is a lot to be said for filling your walls with colourful pictures, nothing else makes a home feel so full with so little effort. The bright colours and friendliness emanated from these decorations makes the room much happier.
Also available are my favourites, the Threadless stickers. The popular T-shirt designing website lends it's most suitable designs to Blik, and they often work beautifully as wall decorations as you can see below.
In short, Blik stickers are a great alternative to posters or framed pictures, and they don't harm your walls. They look really good and really give your house a friendly atmosphere.

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